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Fooke, Germany

Excellent Quality of Motion Control

ENDURA® MACHINES - Excellent quality of motion control.

We offer a wide range of 5 axis CNC compact gantry milling machines from Fooke, Germany. FOOKE has been manufacturing large and very large 5-axis milling machines for over 30 years. These tooling machines are often used as gantry milling machines in various designs. The FOOKE ENDURA® tooling machines are characterized by their outstanding motion control, which is defined by the highest dynamics, excellent precision and the best surface quality. Furthermore, the ENDURA® machines impress with exceptional reliability, process stability and availability

These machines are equipped with Ultra Modern linear motor technology to achieve perfect and precision machining and reduced maintenance costs. Fooke, Germany offers machines for:

  • Aviation and Aerospace industry wherein achieving extremely close tolerances and machining of multifarious mix of modern material compositions are biggest challenges.
  • Solutions for Aircraft Vertical Tail Drilling and Machining
  • Laser-Scored Machining for trimming carbon fiber reinforced plastics
  • Abrasive water jet cutting & Milling Machines
  • Lateral Milling Machines
  • Friction Stir Welding Machines

Product Range

  • Gantry Milling Machine ENDURA® 600 LINEAR
  • Compact Milling Machine ENDURA® 700 LINEAR
  • Gantry Milling Machine ENDURA® 900 LINEAR
  • Travelling Column ENDURA® 1000 LINEAR
  • Lateral Milling Machine ENDURA® 1100 LINEAR
  • Friction Stir Welding Machines

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Walter Tools, Germany

We offer complete range of cutting tools from Walter, Germany for Turning, Milling, Threading and Hole making. Founded in 1919 by Richard Walter in Düsseldorf and with its headquarters in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg since 1925,Walter AG has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision tools for metal machining. With around 3500 international employees, the Tübingen-based company has customers in over 80 countries across the world.

Product Range

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Threading

Industry Solution

  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • General Engineering

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Palbit Tools, Portugal

Palbit is a reference brand since 1952 as producer of hard metal tools of high quality. Over fifty years of experience enables us to be a complete supplier of solutions for cutting tools. Palbit has 3 business fields: Cutting Tools, Wear Parts and Rock Tools.

Palbit provides complete program of tools for all your needs and we also produce special tools on demand.

  • Milling – Facing | Square Shoulder | Disc | Copy
  • Turning – Turning | Threading | Grooving & Parting Off
  • Drilling – Drilling | Reaming | Boring
  • Wear parts - All Kind of special Tools
  • Rock Tools – Drill Equipment | Finishing Stone | Tools |Tools for Stone Machines
  • Inserts – Hard Metal | Diamond | CBN | Ceramic | Cermet

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OMG, Italy

O.M.G. was established in the 1960s specialized in designing and manufacturing multispindle heads, tapping spindles, adjustable joint multispindle heads and variable centre distance multispindle heads.

Product Range

  • TA series, Angle Heads
  • MO series, Spindle Speeders
  • HT series, Revolver Turret Heads
  • VH series, variable centre distance multispindle heads
  • TSI-TSX series, gear chamfering
  • Multispindle heads T series, universal joint

BAH Series – The Big Technology for the Big Industry
TA CP Series – Light Duty Angle Heads
TA Series – Angle Heads
MO Series – Spindle Speeders
HT Series – Tunnel Heads
MT-TC-TC3 Series - Fixed Multi Spindle Heads

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Haimer Tools, Germany

HAIMER located in Igenhausen, Bavaria near Augsburg, Germany. Haimer design, produce and sell innovative, high precision products for metal cutting as well as for other branches including automotive, aerospace, energy, rail and general machining.

In addition to large offering of tool holders in all popular interfaces and lengths, including our shrinking and balancing machines, as well as 3-D Sensors, solid carbide cutting tools, Haimer product offering now also includes tool presetting machines.

Product Range

  • Shrink Fit Tool Holders
  • CNC Tool Holders
  • Power Collect Chucks
  • Shrink Fit Machines
  • Balancing Machines
  • 3D Sensors Shrink Fit Holders

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TMEIC, Japan

TMEIC drives industry around the world through a comprehensive offering of unique systems solutions including variable frequency drives, motors, photovoltaic inverters and advanced automation systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Established in 2003, Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) resulted from the integration of Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s industrial systems divisions.

Product Categories

  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Medium Voltage AC Drives
  • Low Voltage Ac Drives
  • DC Drives
  • PV Inverters
  • Controllers
  • Software Tools
  • UPS Systems

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UniFlex, Germany

UNIFLEX Hydraulik GmbH

Uniflex Crimping Machines – global benchmark for quality and economic efficiency.

Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative systems for hose assembly production and processing for 45 years. With up-to-date and robust technology, UNIFLEX satisfies even the most exacting demands of customers as far as hydraulic crimpers and peripheral equipment for industrial and service companies are concerned – as a manufacturer and a global supplier.

Product Range

  • Hydraulic Crimpers
  • Cutting Machines
  • Skiving Machines
  • Test Benches
  • Marking Machines
  • Labelling Machines

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Wenzel, Germany

The WENZEL Group is one of the global leading manufacturers of metrology solutions. Wenzel grew on a solid foundation of family, German quality engineering, flexibility and strong partnerships.Founded in 1968, today the name WENZEL stands for highest precision, reliability and technological competence.

We are a solution-oriented partner with a focus on innovation in various fields of expertise:

  • Coordinate Metrology
  • Optical High-Speed Scanning
  • Computed Tomography

WENZEL technology solutions are installed throughout many industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Power Generation and Medical.WENZEL has an installed base of more than 10,000 machines worldwide. Subsidiaries and agents in more than 50 countries take care of sales and provide after sales service support to our customers. Today the WENZEL Group employs 650 people worldwide.

Product Range

  • 3D Metrology - Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Shop Floor Measuring Machines
  • Computed Tomography
  • Optical High-speed Scanning
  • Software
  • Sensors

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Motul Tech, France

Motul Tech is division of Motul Group, an international French Industrial Group, specialist for more than 150 years in high performance Lubricants. MotulTech develops, manufactures and markets industrial high technology lubricants for the Machining and Transformation of metals, as well as high performance lubrication of industrial equipment.

Product Range

Metal Working:

  • Soluble Cutting Fluids
  • Cutting & Superfinishing Neat Oils
  • Neat Forming & Cold Forming Oils
  • Heat Treatment
  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Extrusion
  • Protection & Cleaning

Industrial Lubricants:

  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Slideway Oils
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Compressor Oils
  • Chain & Conveyor Lubricants
  • High Performance Greases

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EWAC Alloys, India

EWAC Alloys Limited offers state-of-the-art welding products in manual and semi-automatic range for joining (ferrous & non-ferrous metals), wear facing, brazing and soldering. Our range of products includes special welding electrodes, gas brazing rods and fluxes, atomised metal powder alloys, flux – cored continuous wires, polym er compounds and wear resistant plates.

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Evershine, India

EVERSHINE SAWS LLP is into the manufacture and marketing of Bi- Metal Band Saw Blades and Circular Saws for ferrous and non-ferrous cutting. The company has high premium grade products with strong commitment and innovation. The company brands EVERSHINE ELEGANT M42,SUPER M42, EXTREME M42 GRINDCUT SUPER SG M42, ALU EXPERT M42, PRO PLUS M42 and SUPER M51, EXTREME M51, GRINDCUT SUPER SG M51 for Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades and BOLD CARBIDE, HARDCUT CARBIDE, HYPER CARBIDE – Carbide band saw blades.

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Elecon, India

Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. was established in the year 1951 as the Pioneers in the manufacturing of Industrial Geared motors and Reducers, Material Handling Equipment, Mining equipment, casting processes etc. Elecon is one of the largest manufacturers of Material Handling Equipments and Industrial Gears in Asia.

Product Range

  • Worm Gearboxes
  • Helical/Bevel Helical Gearboxes
  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • High Speed Gearboxes
  • Wind Turbine Gearboxes
  • Marine Gearboxes
  • Couplings

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Radicon Power Build, India

Power Build established in 1972 is a leading manufacturer of high performance helical and worm geared motors, helical bevel geared motors, roloid gear pumps, shaft mounted speed reducers, gearboxes, and custom engineered gear motors. We are proud of our 1.5 million plus installed product base globally, as a testament to our engineering strength, commitment to innovation and customer first values. Radicon PowerBuild has earned its place as a well recognized brand globally.

Product Range

  • Universal Geared Motors
  • Planetary Geared Motors
  • Compact Geared Motors
  • Custom Drive Solutions
  • Motodrive Solutions
  • Roloid Gear Pump
  • Loose Gears & Pinions
  • Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers

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NDC Technologies, USA

NDC Technologies we’ve been delivering solutions for over 50 years, and our capabilities, depth of innovation experience and global reach have been growing ever since. We’ve played a dominant role in the food, bulk and tobacco; film extrusion and converting; cable and tubing; and metals industries.

We know how to solve the toughest measurement and control challenges.

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Sterling Abrasive Ltd

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Grinding Wheels. making full range of Vitrified & Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels upto Diameter 1220mm. Our quality is comparable with the best in the industry. We pride ourselves for our ability to provide prompt delivery & excellent customer service.

Sterling Abrasives Limited today caters to the need of major Industries like Auto, Auto Components, Bearing, Steel, Spring, Surgical Blades, General Engineering etc. With The In house development, Sterling Abrasives Ltd. has mastered The manufacturing of Rice Rollers and is the largest supplier of Rice Polishing wheels in India.

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